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My name is Kimberly.

I help small businesses kickbox their to-do list, with virtual administrative support, so you can focus on your passions!

focus your time and efforts on your passions and Kick the rest to me

You got into business because you had a passion and wanted to earn some money from that passion.  But these days you question your passion and the choice to make it into a business.  I don’t believe you were wrong in following your passions.  I believe you just need a little help refocusing on your passion.  Maybe you have trouble focusing on that passion, because you are overwhelmed, covered in a pile of papers and emails.  Perhaps you don’t even know if you are making any money and you don’t know where to even start in order to get on top of those piles.  

My job is to get you organized

Let’s get you on top of those piles, and then figure out where you need help.  Once we have figured out what type of help you need, I will continue in that support role or if it is outside of my strengths I will help you find someone that fills your needs.

I am sure you would like to know who you will be working with

My name is Kimberly.  I enjoy helping small businesses kickbox their to-do list and make money following their passions.  I am a wife, a stay at home mother of three, a friend, and a volunteer in my community.  I started Kangaroo Virtual Services so I could help small businesses succeed and utilize my skills while still being at home for my family.  My skills range far and wide, and what I don’t know I probably know someone that does know it.  

Here is a little about my Story

I grew up in a small town in north east Texas.  I received my Bachelors of Agricultural Science at Texas A&M – Kingsville (formerly Texas A&I).  While in Kingsville I found I enjoyed numbers and detail oriented tasks.  I started working when I was a teenager and have always stayed busy. As well as that I have strived to continue growing as a person and learn new skills.  My work history has spanned from livestock management, welding, working in a medical lab and with medical professionals, volunteering as an admin and bookkeeper for local non-profits, and so much more.  Over all of this time I have found my passion. My passion is in making order of the chaos and providing continued business support, for people like you!

A little bit about my hobbies

When I am not behind a computer or sorting a pile of papers, you can usually find me taxiing my kids around. I love to read, spend time with my husband,  getting my hands dirty gardening, or baking up something yummy in the kitchen.  Above all I try as often as possible to use my down time to teach my children about some of life’s joys, like cooking and gardening.  Our family loves to cook, to be outdoors, read, and share our talents with others.  I look forward to helping you spend more of your time with your family and on your passions.

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